16 JavaScript Concepts JavaScript Professionals Must Know Well

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(Essential JavaScript Concepts for Modern JavaScript Development )

If you plan to work as JavaScript Professional, you must know some JavaScript concepts and JavaScript-related web-development technologies, particularly as a modern JavaScript developer. If you know the 16 concepts enumerated below, you have the skill necessary to build world-class modern JavaScript web applications, and you are set for the near future—0 to 3 years.

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By the founder of JavaScriptIsSexy

I will expound on each of these sixteen concepts, and I am hopeful all of us will have become better JavaScript programmers by the time we get through all of them. I have completed most of the 16 concepts with just a few more to go, so keep reading and learning. And sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates.

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I trust you have learned JavaScript properly or you already know JavaScript enough to build a simple JavaScript-only web application. While the 16 concepts note below are neither complex nor difficult, you will understand them best if you already know at least some basic JavaScript.

The sixteen concepts that every modern JavaScript developer should know well follow:

  1. JavaScript Objects in Detail
  2. JavaScript Prototype in Plain, Detailed Language
  3. JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting Explained
  4. Understand JavaScript Closures With Ease
  5. Understand JavaScript Callback (Higher-Order) Functions
  6. Understand JavaScript’s “this” With Clarity, and Master It
  7. JavaScript’s Apply, Call, and Bind Methods are Essential
  8. Learn HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive WebSite Design
  9. Object Oriented JavaScript (OOP in JavaScript)
  10. Learn Node.js Completely and With Confidence Or Learn Meteor.js Properly
  11. JavaScript Custom Events with PubSub (coming soon)
  12. Unit Testing Your JavaScript Applications is Essential
  13. DOM (Document Object Model) and BOM (Browser Object Model)
  14. ECMAScript 3 and 5
  15. The Best JavaScript Front-end Frameworks You Should be Using
  16. Preventing and Handling JavaScript Errors and Debugging Your Code
  17. BONUS: JavaScript Design Patterns that Every JavaScript Developer Should Know (coming soon)

Be good. Sleep well. And enjoy coding.

Become an Elite/Highly Paid Specialized Software Engineer (Frontend, Fullstack, etc.)

Within 8–10 Months, Earn MORE than the Avg. New CS Graduate Earns.

New Prices (Monthly Subscription):
Basic: $250/month, Pro: $350/month, Premium: $600/month

By the founder of JavaScriptIsSexy


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    • Richard Bovell (Author)

      I had plan to originally, and i have written many of them already. I have to update this article, which I will do in about a week. And I will likely write the rest of the article over the coming months.

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