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I am quite busy, but I do try to respond to all emails; although, I have not been able to check my gmail email recently. My email address is JavaScriptIsSexy at (you know the at sign) To reach me right away, contact me at my email, which begins with “rb@”. I don’t check my gmail email as much as I check my email.

About is a blog on modern JavaScript and modern web application development.

Richard Bovell, founder of AI Humanity and Bov Academy, created the blog and is its editor.

While Richard has a computer science degree, everything he has learned about modern web application development and mobile app development he learns outside of college, and he credits great programming books and online programming resources—blogs, tutorials, open source libraries and frameworks—for his career in web programming. For this reason, Richard gives back with this blog.

Richard recently founded Bov Academy, an online accelerated programming academy. To learn more above Bov Academy, visit