Learn Backbone.js Completely

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(More Than Just a Complete Backbone.js Tutorial)

Duration: 25 to 30 hours
Prerequisite: JavaScript knowledge of 5/10

Below, I provide you with a comprehensive study guide that I myself have used (indeed, I have refined it for this article) to learn Backbone.js properly. This study guide should take just about 30 hours to complete.

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By the founder of JavaScriptIsSexy

After I learned Backbone.js, the first application I built was an eCommerce web application for a client—a startup. I built the entire app, including the shopping cart, with Backbone.js and Node.js.

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Backbone.js Is Friendly
Backbone.js is neither difficult to learn nor difficult to use, and the time you will spend learning to use this serviceable framework will be well worth it, for you will learn how to use one of the most popular front-end frameworks and learn how to build modern web applications on the front end. In addition, you will see your market value as a JavaScript developer rise, since Backbone.js developers are in high demand.

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I should note that Angular.js and Ember.js are robust and feature-rich front-end frameworks that offer more than Backbone.js, and they allow you to develop applications with less code than Backbone.js. Nonetheless, I still think developers should learn Backbone.js first, particularly because it is easier to learn and provides you with a solid understanding of what a JavaScript framework is and how a JavaScript framework functions.

I chose Backbone.js for the aforementioned eCommerce web application because I had only a few days to learn a JS framework and I needed a proven JS framework since I was developing a web application for a client. And at that time (around 2012) Backbone.js had the more thorough documentation and the most active community of all the front-end JavaScript frameworks. In addition, Backbone.js had the most impressive list of real websites and web applications built with the framework.

What is Backbone.js and Why You Should Learn It

If you have never used a JS front-end framework before, you will understand why nearly every modern web application uses a front-end JS framework.

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What is Backbone.js?
Backbone.js is a JavaScript front-end framework that provides the structure and organization for your application code, the event-based communication for your application, and the necessary interconnectedness for your data, application logic, and user interface (the HTML/CSS elements seen on the web page). Simply put, Backbone.js allows us to develop applications, the front-end in particular, much easier and better (more scalable, reusable, and modular code) than using just a bunch of related and unrelated JavaScript functions stacked on top of each other, a concept known as Vanilla JavaScript.
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