Proposal to Sell Programming eBooks Like Software

»sept. 5 2012

Since eBooks are digital they should be sold just like software: you buy and download the eBook, then you receive free updates for errata and bug fixes; and thereafter you pay a small fee for subsequent revisions and upgrades to the newer editions of the eBook.

This is especially needed for most programming and technological eBooks because of the frequent, inevitable changes and advancement in technology, particularly web technologies.

Even New Books Have Outdated Content
If you purchase a recently-published book on any web technology today there is a good chance that at least 20 percent, or more, of the subject matter will have been obsolete by the time you read the first chapter. We have an information paradox that results from the unnecessary lengthy process involves in publishing books and the daily, indeed hourly, advancement and changes in technology. This incompatibility between frequent changes in technology and technological books being sold as a finite commodity is a frustration for consumers, and we should push for changes now.
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