Are you thinking about changing your career to become a programmer or software engineer? Are you already a developer and want to modernize and upgrade your programming skills and earn a bigger salary and a more exciting programming job?

If you do, I have written this comprehensive roadmap for you; it comprises a series of 20 articles, and they cover everything from the different kinds of programming careers and what each entails and the average salary for each, to the advantages and disadvantages of the different programming educational institutions (boot camps, accelerated programming academies, MOOCs, etc.), to interviewing and getting a programming job. Indeed, I cover everything, yes, everything, you want to know and should know about becoming a programmer or improving your programming skills for a better programming career.

I am hopeful these articles—all listed in the table of contents below—will allow you to make a fully informed decision before you make the monumental commitment to start your training for a programming career.

Articles in this Series

The remaining articles (8–19) will be published sometime between August 20 and September 20.

  1. Why Now Is the Best Time Ever to Become a Programmer, What You Can Do With Your Programming Skills, and Why Programming Is One of the Best Career Paths
  2. Your Goal and Purpose for Learning Programming Will Determine Which Programming Career Path to Pursue and Whether You Will Succeed
  3. A Significant Number of Students Quit their Programming Education, Find Out Why Before You Sign Up for a Program and Suffer the Same Fate
  4. The Crucial Factors for Success in Programming, Assessing Your Capacity to Become a Programmer, and Choosing the Best Programming-Related Career for *Your* Capacity
  5. Why You Will Need Your Family’s Support While You Train to Become an Employable Programmer
  6. Teaching Yourself to Code to Become an Employable Programmer—What to Learn, Where to Learn, and More
  7. Selecting a Coding School: Programming Boot Camps vs. Accelerated Programming Academies vs. MOOCs vs. University Computer Science Degrees vs. For-Profit Colleges
  8. Coming August 20: All the Programming Careers and Everything About Them—Including Responsibilities, Education, Available Jobs, Qualifications, and Salaries
  9. Specialization: Your Key to a Long and Successful Career in Programming, in the AI and Automation Age
  10. What Are the Secrets to Becoming a Great—Proficient and Confident—Programmer?
  11. The Single Biggest Factor That May Derail Your Chances of Becoming a Programmer
  12. What Are Some Major Downsides to Working as a Programmer
  13. Are You Too Old to Become a Programmer and What Programming Jobs Are Best for People Over 40?
  14. Alternative to Programming: High-Paying Non-Programming Technical Careers That Don’t Require a University Degree
  15. Overcoming Ageism, Racism, and Sexism in the Tech Industry
  16. Planning for a Long-Term Programming Career Beyond 2–5 Years
  17. Parents: A Roadmap for Helping Your Kid(s) Pursue a Career in Programming
  18. How to Secure a Great Programming Job with a Handsome Salary After You Graduate From a Coding School or Self-Education
  19. How to Realize Economic Prosperity Through Your Programming Expertise