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(Learn Meteor and Everything You Need to Know about It)

At the end of this article, I outline two comprehensive study guides to help you learn Meteor properly. The study guides are for both beginners and seasoned developers. The first study guide, which uses a book, a paid screencast, and some free online resources, teaches you how to build a sophisticated, modern social-media web application with Meteor. And the second study guide, which uses only free resources (one affordable screencast and free online resources), is just as instructive as the first, though you won’t build a specific web application throughout the course.

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By the founder of JavaScriptIsSexy

First, I give a comprehensive Meteor overview, in which I discuss just about everything you want and need to know about Meteor before you commit to investing your time and other resources in this still burgeoning though exceptional technology.

Time to read the Meteor Overview:

14 minutes 

What You Will Learn in this Meteor Overview

I explain exactly what Meteor is, how it differs from typical JavaScript frameworks, what it offers developers specifically, its alternatives and contemporaries, whether you should be excited or skeptical about it, and where to find Meteor jobs. I also enumerate some of the endorsements written by Meteor converts, and I explore the justifiable criticisms, known limitations, and frequently asked questions that many have raised about Meteor. You will learn all this and much more.

I am honored that you have joined me and I am hopeful you will find this article helpful and illuminating and the accompanying study guides and recommended resources sufficiently instructive. If you don’t, then I would have failed and I would like to hear from you; please notify me in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to alert me of any grammatical errors, typos, general errors, misinformation, missing information, outdated content, or incomprehensible sentences or passages. You won’t hurt my feelings, for I am most interested in providing you accurate, clear, and comprehensible material, and only you can determine whether I have done that.

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Let’s begin with a comprehensive overview of Meteor.

How Will Your Life Change After You Learn Meteor Properly?

No, you won’t be cleansed of your sins and washed of your immoralities after learning Meteor properly. Neither will you lose five pounds nor grow two inches.

However, if you have never developed any kind of application before, you will experience ecstasy, so powerful and liberating it will free you to envision, build, and realize your imaginations, like an artist discovering paint and canvas for the first time.

If you currently use Meteor (and even if you have read a Meteor book or some tutorials), you will emerge better equipped to understand and handle common Meteor errors and the often-misunderstood Meteor “magic,” allowing you to experience Meteor’s true efficacy. Efficient, productive, painless.

If you use Rails, Node.js, PHP, Django, Go, Scala, or Java, you will understand Meteorites’ (i.e., Meteor developers) unapologetic praise for Meteor. You wouldn’t be convinced that every facet of Meteor is better than every facet of Rails or Django (it isn’t) or that Meteor will kill Rails or Python (it won’t). But you will undoubtedly acknowledge and appreciate, even if reluctantly, the efficiency and painlessness Meteor affords, as well as its effectiveness in making you a more productive developer—indeed, a happier developer. But be careful, my friend, for even a faithful developer can be tempted by seduction, lured by betterment, and give in to pleasure.

If you currently use proven but old-school technologies to develop applications, learning Meteor properly will allow you to experience the current state of modern web application development. This will prepare you for the foreboding robotic and futuristic frameworks that will inevitably evolve out of technologies like Meteor. You will therefore become familiar with the latest, experience the now, and embrace the inevitable.

Or, if after learning Meteor properly you remain unmoved, unconvinced, or unimpressed, then we would love to hear from you. For you may have invaluable information about efficient web-development tools that we can all use.
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